Consular Procedures

  1. a) Permit for a minor travelling abroad:

This document is required when someone wishes to travel  with an American citizen who is under  aged and unaccompanied by both parents. If travelling with one parent, the parent who is not travelling must give permission for the minor to travel in the company of the one parent. If travelling with neither of the two parents, both must grant permission for the minor to travel with a third party.

  1. b) Letter of Invitation:

A document prepared by our notary which serves as an additional document to be submitted by a relative before his or her country’s North American Consulate in order to request a Tourist Visa. Submitting this document  does not guarantee that the visa will be granted, but in many cases it is of key importance since it informs the government that the tourist harbors no intentions of taking up  residence in this country and that   an American citizen is vouching for this.

  1. c) Affidavit :

A document where you state a fact which cannot be verified through any documents. This document must be signed with a notary present and afterwards it has to be authenticated before the  appropriate Consulate, or an apostille has to be issued by a Florida State notary.

  1. d) Letter of identity ( Affidavit due to name change):

It is a document used when an individual changes  names, has taken a married surname or a given or last name was omitted in his American documents and they no longer match the identity documents issued by his or her country of origin. This letter is frequently used in relation with procedures in your native country, such as claiming retirement payments, requesting a reimbursement or debt payment, property acquisition/ sale, inheritance, etc…

  1. e) Authentications :

We authenticate your documents for you at most Spanish-speaking consulates in the Miami area, such as Apostilles, Certificates of Life, contracts, invoices, etc…