We prepare and authenticate personal documents, under supervision from international lawyers, such as:

Powers of Attorney Travel authorizations Birth Certificates Marriage Certificates
Death Certificates Address Certifications Certificates of Life or, Affidavits of Survivorship
Divorce Certificates Criminal Record Clearance Certificates Letters of Study
Letters of Invitation Single Status Certificates Double Taxation
‘Processing of Personal Documents’ We prepare and authenticate documents which your corporation might need, such as:
Articles of Incorporation Certificates of Incorporation Certificates of Amendment
Documents relating to double taxation forms Commercial Invoices
Translations Certificates of Incumbency Certificates of good standing
Certificates of correction Certificates of origin Company Formation
Corporate letters of invitation for business visas, licenses and permits
‘Processing of Corporate Documents’

We coordinate authentication processing services with corporations, legal counsel departments, for American and foreign citizens with documents required by foreign countries. We specialize in processing Apostilles: authentications of official signatures in documents which will be used outside The United States of America. We can authenticate or process an Apostille for documents issued within the state of Florida and any other state in the U.S.A.

Mobile Services
Our company relies on a team of Notaries who can visit your home, workplace, hospital or nursing home in order to notarize documents, take oaths, have documents signed or issue an apostille in the USA for a document to be valid abroad.